‘Bad Day For The Cut’ Filmmakers Land Superhero Heist Project At Legendary | Film News


Legendary Pictures has finalised a deal with Bad Day For The Cut filmmakers Chris Baugh and Brendan Mullin for an untitled superhero heist project. The pitch from the duo reportedly subverts the traditional superhero movie by revolving the film around a group of career criminals who perform a heist at the lair of a superhero.


Naturally, this turns out to be a bad idea, and they must escape with their lives when everything goes wrong. Baugh and Mullin will produce the film, with Baugh directing. This is the latest subversion of the superhero genre after films like Deadpool and Logan proved massively successful.


As the genre refuses to slow down and only grows in popularity, studios have started looking for ambitious ideas to spin the genre in new directions and keep audience interest high. This sounds like something that could go in a lot of different directions and be a lot of fun. A more grounded superhero-related story amid a slew of battles to save the world should be refreshing.


Baugh and Mullin co-wrote Bad Day For The Cut, with Baugh directing: it’s a Northen Ireland-set gangster film which revolves around a middle-aged farmer who still lives at home with his mother, who sets off on a mission of revenge when she is murdered. This project doesn’t sound much like the gritty thriller that was, so it will be interesting to see what the duo can do with this new, intriguing pitch.


This is the latest project for Legendary, who have some big films in the works such as Godzilla vs. Kong and Detective Pikachu. This superhero heist project will likely have a lesser budget and be smaller in scale than those, but knowing the popularity of superhero movies, it has every chance to make a similar amount of money if it turns out to be good.



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