Bag Of Air From Kanye West Concert Was Selling On Ebay For Over $60,000 | Music News


Kanye West fandom was taken to a whole new level in the last few days when a plastic bag supposedly containing air from a concert of Kanye West’s Yeezus tour was selling on Ebay for over sixty-thousand US dollars. In a week which saw him grace the UK with a lecture at Oxford University and a surprise gig at Camden’s KOKO venue, it seems even the singer’s second hand oxygen was in high demand as reported in the Telegraph, the item received over 90 bids from Ebay users before the product was eventually pulled from listings by the site’s moderators.


Following the outrageous prices that were being bid, Rolling Stone Magazine reports that other Ebay sellers took the novelty further by attempting to sell their own inauthentic bags of air from gigs, with a “Ziplog bag of air from Garth Brooks concert” and a bag of “Flatulence From Kanye” also appearing on the sites, although not quite attracting the same bids as the original bag of Yeezus air.




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