BAIK + Jayden – The Only Thing I Need | Music Video


A duo of producers known as Baik who hail from New Zealand have released their debut single “The Only Thing I Need” featuring singer Jayden on vocals. The new music, a low tempo, emotional track that has hints of progressive house and stripped back dance sounds stays minimal throughout. The music that Baik produce acts as a simple bed for Jayden’s impressive, emotional vocals that you sometimes expect to snap in pitch, but always remain strong.


The music video for “The Only Thing I Need” is a well produced, simple, emotive story of a growing love and the loss of a potential child. It nicely encapsulates the lyrics and feel of the music which despite being down beat and lacking in uplifting sound, still captures an essence of relationship. Watch the new video below and see if you agree, and download the track for free from Soundcloud.




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