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Chicago based, Blues loving eclectic three piece rock band Bailiff have put a new song out entitled “Helicopter” , this song is from their new album Remise which was released in April. The song is perfect for a long summer drive, and should pull the listener in a few emotional directions. “Helicopter” is all about a soldier that does not want to be in battle anymore, but it is not from an out lookers perspective, the song is narrated from the soldiers point of view.


With this being the image behind the song, there are some dark lyrics which vocalist and guitarist Josh Siegel deals with in his raspy and captivating tone, however the over all song is not all dark and gloomy. Despite the lyrical matter, the drum and bass melody brings a more uplifting and empowering vibe to the song and that, combined with the infectious guitar riffs and the amazing amount of energy that the band bring to the forefront, provides a very distinctive and unconventionally catchy outcome.


When explaining the song Siegel said, “Helicopter was written around the jungle setting that the guitar parts evoked. It’s definitely a character song. The chorus showed up while improvising on the guitar. It felt so right to sing the word ‘Helicopter’ and eventually other words and phrases emerged. I had to go to a character that could commentate and question war even though it’s not something I’ve been a part of”. You can stream Helicopter right here.




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