Balenciaga Launches IKEA-esque Blue Bag For £1,670 | Fashion News


Do you remember when we dreamed about high fashion catwalk outfits and waited for high street retailers to create more affordable versions inspired to them? Well, those times are over as high fashion is now taking an opposite direction and taking inspiration from major chains.


Now it isn’t hard to find major fashion houses looking at mainstream styles, including – guess who – the Swedish homeware chain Ikea. It is the example of Balenciaga that has just launched its new ‘Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag’, an oversized shopper bag made of blue wrinkled and gazed leather.


With a gold Balenciaga logo and made in Italy, you can purchase this bag for £1,670 ($2,145) which seems not to far from the classic ‘Frakta’ Ikea bag that costs you only 40p.


How many of you have ever imagined that they also had a fashion potential?




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