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WPGM interviewed the English rock band from Southampton, Band Of Skulls.  They  released their fourth studio album, By Default, on Friday, May 27, 2016. They didn’t actually record it in a studio, but in a church!


“It’s the most I think any of us have been to church in our lives! We were there every day for a few months it got quite surreal. It was all about finding somewhere brand new to write and we came across the church in our hometown and found out we could rent it for writing in”.


“When we set up our equipment for the first time and heard the room it was incredible. The drums sounded awesome and we sang up to the rafters. It really inspired the record and the creative process in general. We sampled all the sounds in there and the feel of the room made it onto the album”.


Band of Skulls have been in the music industry for quite a long time and people started to tell them breathtaking stories of how they connect certain things with their music. “We heard that a group of people played ‘Himalayan’ at the base camp of Everest”.


“We had one guy who got in contact with us before we played a gig in America somewhere and asked if we could put the song Fires in the set as it was him and his girlfriends song and he was going to propose to her after we played it. We did and after playing it we shouted out to him ‘What did she say?!’ He shouted back ‘She said yes!’ The whole crowd whooped and hollered, it was quite a memorable moment!”


The band’s on tour right now! Check out their website for full dates.



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