Banksy Mural ‘Art Buff’ Vandalised (Oh The Irony) | Arts


Yes you read the headline right… The elusive street artist Banksy had his latest mural situated in Folkestone, Kent, vandalized with a crude drawing of a penis. As part of the Triennial Festival last month, the artist had made a stencil mural of an old woman staring down on an empty plinth. The artwork known as ‘Art Buff’ was confirmed to be a piece by Banksy on his website shortly after it popped up. The Shepway District council must have felt pretty blessed to have their own personal Banksy piece and worked with the owner of the building to preserve the artwork. However, this was short lived as the empty plinth soon had a penis sitting atop of it. The Kent Police are shocked by this as they believe the original piece is permanently ruined and an investigation into who committed the vandalism is underway. Personally, speaking as a fan of Banksy, I think he would love this as it is pretty much his style… If I were him, I would be wishing I did it myself.



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