‘Batman’ Fans Across The World Celebrate His 80th Birthday | Culture


Over the weekend, fans of Batman from all over the world celebrated the 80th birthday of the “Caped Crusader”. Thousands of people took part in parades wearing the symbolic bat masks and capes while holding medals with the message “Long live the bat”.


After the launch of the movie Joker and with a new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson due to be released in June 2021, the Gotham super hero is again at the centre of public attention and his success doesn’t seem to have an end.


DC Comics explained the success of the character in a statement, “the Dark Knight has stood as a symbol of determination, bravery and justice to generations of fans. Since appearing in the pages of ‘Detective Comics #27’ on March 30, 1939, Batman continues to leave his mark in every form of entertainment imaginable”.


The celebrations culminated on Sunday night, when the ‘Bat signal’, which, in the comic book, is lit up like a spotlight when Gotham City needed Bruce Wayne to become the Dark Knight, appeared on the facades of many buildings around the globe.


In 13 cities, from Tokyo, to Berlin, Rome, Paris, London, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and New York, fans gathered around these buildings celebrating their favourite super hero, while looking forward to the launch of the new movie at the cinema.



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