‘Batman v Superman’ Rumoured To Be Split Into Two Parts | Film News


Another day, another superhero movie rumour! While this one is to be taken with quite the pinch of salt, it’s worth mentioning all the same. A recent image popped up on Imgur (now stored at Aint It Cool News) that suggests an up and coming teaser trailer for Batman v Superman, that’s rumoured to be attached to Jupiter Ascending screenings. The picture claims that the new, highly anticipated DC flick will be split into two parts, with the first installment hitting theatres on October 23. Check it out.



There’s a good chance that this could be fake but who’s to know Warner Bros wont release Batman v Superman: Enter The Knight in just nine months time. If this turns out to be true, it’s going to completely split fans. While I’m a little skeptical whether this will amount to anything; it could be the answer to concerns over whether one movie would have been enough time to introduce and establish backgrounds for loads of fresh characters like Wonder Woman.



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