Bay Area Artist Mark Anthony Releases New Single ‘Sunflower Searchin’ Inspired By His Favourite Anime

Introducing Bay Area Artist Mark Anthony with his new single titled “Sunflower Searchin’“.

Jazz and R&B are fusioned in a soulful way on “Sunflower Searchin'”. It is a tribute to the journey that ends with a vow to keep going, and Mark Anthony uses an old soul sound with a contemporary touch to tell his narrative.

It gives the impression of comfort in the face of uncertainty. For instance, he sings that he is a “lost soul floating, aimless rolling, and ankles roaming,” which conjures up the image of a traveler who is unsure of what to do next. Since most people are unsure of their future course of action in life, this is addressed to the general population.

Samurai Champloo, Mark’s preferred anime, served as an inspiration for “Sunflower Searchin'”. The soundtrack for the anime was composed by the late Nujabes, whose music displays influences from jazz and hip-hop.

Because Samurai Champloo’s tale is based on the idea that the trip is just as important as the goal, Mark also references to it. The anime follows the tale of two wandering samurais who cross paths to assist a new acquaintance in locating a masked figure she hardly knew. The fact that this man “smells of sunflowers” is their only lead.

“Sunflower Searchin'” has a super-team of musicians from jazz (GaryOAKland), classical (StackedSax, Whitmo, Sam Brawner) and hip-hop (Trii-Murtii) backgrounds to let you melt into a melancholy mood. He met practically everyone at an Oakland-based producers’ meetup group called Beer and Beats.

Guitarist, producer, and singer-songwriter Mark Anthony was raised in the Bay Area after being born in the Philippines. He aspires to one day produce an album on par with Stevie Wonder‘s “Songs in the Key of Life” in terms of artistic brilliance. Some of Mark’s recent releases are Sunflower Searchin’, One More SZN,, and Foolz Gold.

His upcoming mixtape, Melody Messiah, which will be published in early 2023, will contain these three singles. Be sure to watch him playing energetic shows with his band, The Soulestics, across the Bay Area.

Listen and enjoy the new release below!


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