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Evoking long-forgotten summer vibes, Bay Ledges’ new single “Dive” takes you back to brighter, lazier times. With its even, leisurely tempo, this laid-back track exudes a kind of mellowness and languor reminiscent of blissful childhood.


Characterised by bright guitar riffs, airy synth lines and summery rhythms, the indie-pop artist’s music seems to emit a hazy glow, underlined by a crisp beat steadily pulsing through each song.


Singer-songwriter Zach Hurd took the name “Bay Ledges” from a plot of land his grandparents owned in the Maine Woods where he grew up with his sisters.


Much of his music seems to revisit past times or childhood memories; the lyrics of “I Remember”, for example, are crafted from idyllic childhood details like walking home from school and daydreaming in the grass near his house.


“Dive” is even softer and more stripped back than earlier tracks like “I Remember” and “Safe”. The warm vocals are elevated by light harmonies brushing the top of the melody in the chorus, while delicate finger-style guitar playing glitters below the surface. His first release of 2019, it embodies a smoothness like gently rolling waves at sunset.


Hurd has appeared at festivals like SandJam Fest in Panama City and Emerge Impact + Music in Las Vegas, where he performed live as a four-piece band.


Listen to Bay Ledges’ new single “Dive” here:




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