BBC Defends ‘Top Gear’ Following Accusations Of Canned Laughter And Leaked Audience Data | TV News



If you didn’t need to know that the revamped Top Gear went down as well as a lead balloon, the fact that the BBC has had to defend it speaks volumes about the future of the show beyond the current series. But following the leak of audience data suggested that 370 picture had complained about the programme, the Corporation’s defence of the programme is a logical knee jerk reaction following viewers voiced fierce opposition to the new format fronted by Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans.


The show has also been accused of utilising canned laughter to bolster the audiences muted responses, the BBC also denying that despite the fact that both TV critics and viewers noticed that the laughter heard in last week’s show did not match the reactions of the live audience.


I’m going to call it now, this could be the last season of the show on the BBC.



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