BBC Rebukes The Sun Over ‘Racism’ And ‘Anti-White’ Allegations | TV News



This feels like any allegation of racism, needless and irrelevant. The BBC has hit out at tabloid paper The Sun, who published an article accusing the BBC of being “racist” because it advertised two junior scriptwriting roles on the show Holby City aimed specifically at “ethnic minority backgrounds”.


The BBC has responded to the article by commenting that the roles were “training and development opportunities” aimed at confronting the lack of diversity in the TV industry and was absolutely the “right thing to do”.


The BBC commented in response: “As the Sun knows and has ignored, these are not jobs but training and development opportunities permitted under the Equality Act and to describe this as anti-white is utterly ridiculous and irresponsible. As we have under-representation of people from ethnic minority backgrounds in script editing roles at the BBC it’s the right thing to do”.


If The Sun really want to get the wrong end of the stick, well this time I swear to god they have.



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