BBC Urged To Increase Arts Programming By Melvyn Bragg | TV News


Melvyn Bragg begs the question, are the general public more engaged in the arts or football? It seems a wonderful 51% of the general public get their arty pants on in the UK, but Bragg still believes the arts is marginalized by the BBC. adding that “I do think the BBC could do more but I’ve always thought the BBC could do more – I think there should be more arts programmes full stop“. However, the BBC has recently delivered a whole array of terrific programs dedicated to the arts to be impressed with. Most recently we have had a seasonal celebration of the Gothic era, with detailed and original insights into literary classics such as Frankenstein, as well as fantastic programs on the art of the Gothic period. There is also a celebratory show about British artists called What Do Artists Do All Day?, a behind the scenes look at their routinely genius, plus there was even a whole hour and a half dedicated to abstract art itself. It seems Mr. Bragg’s case was already won, or does he want more?



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