BBC’s New Show ‘Politics Live’ A Miserable Fail As Viewers Compare It To ‘Loose Women’ | TV News


After the removal of Daily Politics, The new BBC show Politics Live has taken its place as a modernised version to appeal to a wider range of viewers. However, this remake has received incredible backlash from viewers after comparing the show to ITV’s Loose Women.



The programme follows a panel of guests discussing current political news but after tuning in, viewers have stated that the format was far too conversational, informal and much like a chat show. People took to Twitter to express their opinion on the new show, some stating that they even switched it off after watching for 20 minutes.


The approach for a more relaxed evaluation of politics is understandable from the perspective that they are trying to engage a younger and wider audience however the danger being, that the evaluation of UK politics is lightly discussed. Something which could annoy viewers as people want to listen to matters regarding latest government news without the excess waffle of informal chats in-between.


Politics has always been a serious conversation matter in the media, with a formal tone underlying its shows. It could be that this change of format was a bit too drastic and done too soon for the UK. Hence, the backlash against the show.



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