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British folk singer Jay McAllister, with the stage name Beans on Toast, has just released a video for his new single “Jamie & Lilly” from the upcoming album Cushty.


As a tradition, he releases a new album every 1st of December, on his birthday, since 2009. Cushty is going to be the 9th album.


Calling himself an “English drunk folk singer”, the artist is not afraid of using a lot of sarcasm in his songs. Nevertheless, the music is often based on serious topics such as politics, drugs and, of course, love. “Jamie & Lilly” was inspired by a real-life story of a couple, which makes the track feel special for the listener.


This story starts with an email”, says Beans. Apparently, the song was inspired by two fans who both wrote emails to the artist before his concert. Jamie and her girlfriend Lilly both asked McAllister to dedicate his song “I’m Home When You Hold Me” to each other without the other one knowing that.


On the night of the gig, before I played the song, I told the story about the emails and explained how it had been a double request from Jamie to Lilly and from Lilly to Jamie. It turned out that they were both in the front row. As I told the story, they hugged and kissed. Then, when I played the song, they both held each other and danced. It was a magical moment”.


The artist admits that he felt the need to create a song about this couple. “Towards the end of the tour, I realised that, in fact, they’d stolen the song! That song is about my wife, Lizzy, and each time I sang it I dedicated it to them. We couldn’t be having that. They needed their own song.


That’s how this modern day love song has come out and now you can watch the video featuring the actual couple this song is written about. Watch the video here:



You can pre-order Cushty via iTunes and the Xtra Mile Recordings Store.



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