Beats By Dre Team Up With Pa Salieu For New ‘Beats Flex’ Campaign | Music News


A new partnership between Beats By Dre and Pa Salieu for their ‘Beats Flex’ campaign has just been announced. It comes with visuals directed by 22-year old South London filmmaker Gabriel Moses, who first connected with Pa Salieu for his DAZED magazine cover, where he talked about his rise and new understanding of community support he had always seeked.


Pa spoke to Hyperbeast about his newest collaboration with Beats, where he said, “When I was in secondary school, I stole an MP3 player off my cousin, it was the only way of me listening to music. When the headphones broke I used to beg my mum, and then she’d look at the price. But I understood, because of where we’re coming from”.


After releasing his popular album Send Them To Coventry back in 2020, Pa Salieu has definitively established himself in the UK rap scene and is currently one of the most innovative artist from the UK. He has also been active this year by winning BBC Sound Of 2021 award and now as we know, a partnership with Beats for the ‘Beats Flex’ campaign.


The ‘Beats Flex’ earphones is now available on the Apple website.




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