Beirut Cancel 2019 Tour Dates Due To Illness | Music News - Conversations About Her

Beirut Cancel 2019 Tour Dates Due To Illness | Music News

Conversations About Her

Beirut Cancel 2019 Tour Dates Due To Illness | Music News


Beirut have been forced to cancel all tour dates in The US and Europe until the end of the year due to their frontman’s prolonged illness.


In July, the band withdrew from their summer gigs following the singer’s initial diagnosis. Later in August they also pulled out of End Of The Road Festival. Now Beirut have shared in a statement that Zach Condon’s acute laryngitis still prevents him from performing on stage.


The band wrote on Twitter: “Due to Zach receiving a diagnosis of acute laryngitis earlier this Summer and it being a reoccurring issue going into the Fall, the rest of the performances for the band this year are cancelled.


Zach has been advised not to sing or tour. Band and crew are very sorry to share that news as we all looked very much forward to each of these shows and to seeing everyone”.



The acclaimed indie rock group have been touring in support of their album Gallipoli released earlier this year via 4AD. Apart from the title track, Beirut’s fifth studio release featured such singles as “Corfu” and “Landslide”.


Zach Condon spoke about the inspiration behind the LP: “We stumbled into a medieval-fortressed island town of Gallipoli one night and followed a brass band procession fronted by priests carrying a statue of the town’s saint through the winding narrow streets behind what seemed like the entire town, before returning late to Sudestudio. The next day I wrote the song I ended up calling ‘Gallipoli’ entirely in one sitting, pausing only to eat”.



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