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Rising singer BEKA is back with a brand new single titled “My One”, which is a mix of electronic and pop genres, thematically about the subject of love and how it emotionally affects you to feel so much happiness. She describes her feelings with so much grace as she uses such an electronic backdrop for the first time – it is awesome and will definitely make you dance.


Beka was a previous collaborator of the band HONNE, for whom she provided back vocals and also featured on their songs “Crying Over You” and “Location Unknown”, however she decided not to hone in further on her gifts and launch as a solo artist. Now she has already reached over one million listeners on Spotify with outstanding streaming numbers on her singles.


Speaking about her new song, Beka says, “Whether it’s love with your best friend, your person, your partner, or yourself, love feels unwritable. I wanted this song to be about that feeling of liberation, when you decide to be brave and no longer confine yourself to what seems like a ‘normal’ way of expressing yourself, but to be upfront and honest about the mess and the magic that is…love”


Listen to “My One” below:




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