Bella Thorne Directs Short Film ‘Her & Him’ For PornHub | Film News

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Bella Thorne Directs Short Film ‘Her & Him’ For PornHub | Film News


Actress, singer and author Bella Thorne, originally known for playing Cece in Disney series Shake It Up announced yesterday, that she has directed her first short film.


The film stars adult actors Small Hands and Abella Danger and the main object of the movie is to explore dominance and submission in relationship. The plot twist? A woman who wanted to kill her boyfriend, and according to Bella, Her & Him is a modern, sexuality explicit reimagining of Romeo & Juliette.


The film was produced in collaboration with Pornhub, who apparently want to diversify their porn production by working with unexpected guest directors, as part of their Visionaries Director’s Series. Bella announced her involvement in the film in a behind-the-scenes video released by Pornhub, where she described her experience of working with the adult film company as “interesting” and “quite a fun environment”.


People are kind of scared to make a movie like this one when it comes to dominance between a male and a female, and how this relationship can turn quite sour“, the Disney star shared, hoping people will be open minded about it.


The film premiere will take place at Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany from September 11 to 15, due to its nomination in the festival’s new ‘Audacity Award’.


Oldenburg’s festival director Thorsten Neumann said this section would mark films “on the border between genre cinema and the avant garde”, and for Neumann, Bella perfectly represents Oldenburg Festival’s indie spirit.




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