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Bella Thorne is reportedly set to star in the upcoming dystopian thriller The Uncanny. Mitzi Peirone will direct, and has co-written the script alongside Chaya Doswell. Rebecca Berrih of Elysian Fields Entertainment, Thor Bradwell, and Courtney Shepard, who serves as Director of Development at New Republic Pictures, will produce.


The Uncanny revolves around a future where every citizen is implanted with a chip capable of controlling everything from emotions to directions, until a routine update backfires, causing a cyber apocalypse. Wiping out most of humanity, five strangers survive, but are forced to live hidden in a bunker with their implants ripped from their spines.


However, they soon begin to suspect that they weren’t just a lucky ragtag crew who survived, but that this may have been part of a wider plan.


Shepard said of the project: “The story offers a timely and compelling glimpse into human’s dependence on technology and the greater evils of such addiction. We’re excited to have Bella on board for such a strong female-led team. I have no doubt Mitzi will craft something visually and thematically stunning”.


Peirone previously directed the mystery thriller Braid, which followed two wanted women who decide to rob their wealthy psychotic friend, who lives in the fantasy world they created as children. To take the money, the women have to take part in a deadly perverse game of make believe.


As for Thorne, she was recently cast in the home invasion thriller Masquerade, and she’s also making her feature directorial debut with an elevated thriller (horror) written by Zander Coté. The story is, intriguingly, being kept totally under wraps for now.



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