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Bellah – Peanut Butter Hazel | New Music


Burgeoning R&B sensation Bellah follows up on her warmly received debut single “Never Loved” with her fresh new single “Peanut Butter Hazel“, the second teaser from her forthcoming EP Last Train Home.


Produced by acclaimed classical jazz musician Alexander Lewis, known for his work with some of the coolest cats in the game like Earth Gang and Juice WRLD, the track is underpinned by a timeless R&B sound. If it’s not the subtle groove laying within the minimalist beat, or the contemporary bounce then it might just be Bellah’s irresistible vocals and sensual lyrics. They work together in a perfect blend for a nice R&B bop.


Bellah’s profile has been steadily ascending since she decided to focus on her own music at the age of 17. The decision definitely has been paying off so far. You don’t have to search for long to see that this R&B starlet has a buzz about her that is a sign of greater things to come.



After the celebrated “Never Loved”, new single “Peanut Butter Hazel” further showcases Bellah’s voice to become a mainstay within the British R&B scene.



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