Ben Affleck Returns To Big Screen In ‘The Accountant’ On January 29 | Film News

Ben Affleck stars in the new full length trailer ‘Gone Girl’


No one can deny that Ben Affleck has been the man of the moment in recent times. After winning an Oscar Award for Argo, the political thriller which sees six US diplomats rescued from a hostage crisis in Iran, he give his turn as Nick Dunne in the domestic thriller, Gone Girl, which saw Affleck in a precarious position as the primary suspect in the sudden disappearance of his wife, Amy. The Accountant, Affleck’s first film since Gone Girl, tells the story of an accountant who also works as an assassin on the side. Entertainment Weekly reported today that the Gavin O’Connor film also co-stars Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick and Whiplash’s J.K Simmons. The Accountant is set for a January 29, 2016 release via Warner Bros.



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