Ben Affleck To Star In New ‘Batman’ Trilogy | Film News


Rumours surrounding Ben Affleck‘s involvement in a stand-alone Batman film have long been escalating since San Diego Comic Con earlier this summer. Obviously he will be starring as Bruce Wayne due to his involvement in the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice blockbuster, due for release on March 25 2016. Around the time of the panel at Comic Con, it was announced that Affleck had been approached about directing the standalone film, it was also reported hat he co-wrote the script with Geoff Johns.


It seems that there is even more to be added to the story. After a screening of the upcoming Batman v Superman feature to the film’s crew and Warner Bros executives, which reportedly received a standing ovation, it seems executives are green lighting for the Batman franchise to be a trilogy, with Affleck extending his contract for all three installments.


An industry source for Den Of Geeks reported, “Basically, Warners are now working their movie universe around Ben’s Batman“. The fact that the release date for Affleck’s next directorial film Live By Night was pushed back, could mean that Warner Bros. is working his schedule to fit around the Batman franchise. Unfortunately it might be a long wait for audiences, with the standalone The Batman film not expected to be released until 2018.



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