Ben Stiller Plays Unfulfilled Dad In ‘Brad’s Status’ | Film Trailer


Amazon Studios have released the first official trailer for Ben Stiller film Brad’s Status, a dramedy written and directed by School of Rock‘s Mike White. Michael Sheen, Luke Wilson, Jemaine Clement, Jenna Fischer and Austin Abrams also star in the film.


The film details the emotional journey of Brad Sloan (Ben Stiller) who, when accompanying his son on a college tour to the East Coast, becomes aware of his apparent shortcomings in comparison to his own college friends. Brad has a comfortable suburban life and a prodigious son, but is not what he’d expected during his prime; he lacks the status, wealth, and popularity of his peers, and is left wondering where his success lies in comparison.


The film is a journey of self-discovery and realisation, in Brad’s case that our value should be placed on the more sentimental, and less material gems in our life. The trailer is enticing, funny and shows the talented Ben Stiller in his usual glory. I’ll be sure to watch his mid life crisis on screen.


Amazon Studios are expected to release Brad’s Status in theaters September 15. Watch the trailer as released on their Facebook page below:




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