Ben Stiller’s 1982 Punk Album To Be Reissued By Capture Tracks | Music News

Ben Stiller stars in the trailer for ‘Night at the Museum 3’


Yes that’s right, popular comedian and film star Ben Stiller has revealed a past in the experimental punk genre! “I was in a ridiculously weird band, Capital Punishment”, says Stiller in a recent interview with Howard Stern on The Howard Stern Show. When Stiller was 15/16, he and a friend recorded an album titled Road Kill which had never been released until recently, after Brooklyn indie label Capture Tracks tracked the record down.


The album can be heard on Youtube and will be re-issued by Capture Tracks in the future. Stiller’s conversation on The Howard Stern Show also revealed that Ben himself had been heavily influenced by the likes of David Bowie and Brian Eno. His 33-year old album is very experimental, with all kinds of guitar timbres, and was recorded with no metronome in Delta Studios. Describing the album, Howard Stern said he “could have sex to this, in an insane asylum”, which is quite the bold description. Listen to some of the tracks on the album below.




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