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Someone Else” is the newest single by Bench Warmer, the solo project of Cameron Gilson. The artist from Tallahassee, Florida, started to play the guitar in 2017 and never stopped since then.


As often happens, Gilson began writing songs when he was sad and performed his works in small venues such as local coffee shops. After he realized music was a passion of his, the singer started working on his first single “Liability”, that was released in March 2019.


In the Autumn of 2019, Bench Warmer signed with Cat Family Records, a nonprofit label based in his hometown, Tallahssee. Since then, he formed a permanent band and started working on his debut album, expected to be released this Spring.


Bench Warmer pulls inspiration from different music genres and bands, such as Hippo Campus, Turnover and The Spinners.


Someone Else” is a delicate track that perfectly mixes indie-rock beats with sad acoustic sounds. The lines “I can’t stand myself/I want to be someone else” depict the relatable struggle of not being satisfied with who you really are.


Whether you are currently satisfied with your present self or wish to be somebody else, do not miss the chance to listen to Bench Warmer’s engaging new single.


Listen to it here:




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