Benedict Cumberbatch To Star In Upcoming Brexit Drama | TV News

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Benedict Cumberbatch To Star In Upcoming Brexit Drama | TV News


Politically-engaged actor Benedict Cumberbatch is set to play the mastermind of the Brexit campaign in an upcoming Channel 4 film about the EU referendum. The star of Sherlock will portray Dominic Cummings, the former Michael Gove adviser and Vote Leave campaign director, who led the movement to victory against all odds in 2016.


The two-hour thriller is due to air by March of next year. Written by James Graham, this TV production will focus on the tactics employed by Cummings to swing the EU referendum results.


Cumberbatch’s decision to play the architect of the Brexit campaign proves once again that he is always up for a challenge. Indeed, before the referendum, the outspoken actor publicly expressed his support to the Vote Remain campaign, putting his name in an open letter that stressed the important role played by the EU in the UK’s creative industries:


“From the smallest gallery to the biggest blockbuster, many of us have worked on projects that would never have happened without vital EU funding or by collaborating across border.”


We look forward to seeing his performance in the film.



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