Benicio Del Toro To Voice Swiper The Fox In ‘Dora The Explorer’ Movie Adaptation | Film News


While Benicio Del Toro has recently starred in very dark roles, such as his hitman Alejandro in both Sicario and its sequel, as well as the lead in the series Escape At Dannemora, he couldn’t really have chosen a more disparate role for one of his next projects. The actor has signed on to voice Swiper The Fox in the upcoming film adaptation of the children’s series Dora The Explorer.


Granted, Swiper is a villain. In the series, he’s a crafty pain for Dora and her pals’ side as they explore a world filled with both wonder and valuable life lessons to be learned. The adaptation will be live-action, and had already wrapped production in Australia several weeks ago, but Del Toro will voice the character during the project’s post-production process.


The film actually stars Del Toro’s Sicario: Day Of The Soldado co-star Isabela Moner as Dora, who in this version is an adventurous young woman who grew up in the jungle and now has to cope with the uncharted terrain of high school. Kind of like Mean Girls. The Muppets director James Bobin is helming the project.


Past reports have stated that the film will have a Goonies-esque quality to it, with the story also finding Dora leading her best friend Boots and a rag-tag group of teens on a journey to save her parents and solve a mystery behind the lost Inca civilisation, but it’s unclear if that is still the case.


We will likely get some concrete news soon, as the Dora The Explorer film is set to hit cinemas on August 2, 2019.



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