Benjamin Rigby Joins Cast Of ‘Alien: Covenant’ | Film News

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Benjamin Rigby Joins Cast Of ‘Alien: Covenant’ | Film News

Benjamin Rigby


It has been reported that Ridley Scott has cast Australian newcomer Benjamin Rigby in an unspecified role for his sci-fi sequel Alien: Covenant. This is a big break for Rigby, whose most notable projects thus far have been a mandatory appearance in NeighboursMiss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and a role in a low-budget Australian horror, Plague.


It comes as no surprise that Rigby’s role is unknown as that is the case with the entire project; our only synopsis being that a human crew stumble across a mysterious planet whose only inhabitant is the Prometheus android, David.


We know that Michael Fassbender has returned to portray his character from Prometheus but that is all we know of Scott’s mystical project; there has been no mention of Noomi Rapace or what has happened to her Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, the only other survivor of the events of the first film.


However, there is still a long wait for Alien: Covenant as it will not hit cinemas until October 6, 2017. Scott is due to begin filming shortly so perhaps we won’t have to wait much longer for a more detailed plot.



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