Berlin Wall Drama ‘The Tunnels’ To Be Directed By Paul Greengrass | Film News


The Bourne Supremacy, United 93, Green Zone, Captain PhillipsPaul Greengrass has some major hits under his belt so it’s brilliant news that he’s attached to the new Berlin Wall drama The Tunnels. The film will be based on Greg Mitchell’s book proposal about the untold story of West Germans who, with the help of American News Networks, try and get their loved ones out of East Berlin. FilmNation Entertainment has recently bagged the rights to Mitchell’s work so the movie plans are on their way.


According to Variety, Mark Gordon (2012, Source Code) is set to produce this historic movie with FilmNation’s Aaron Ryder and Alison Cohen breaking the news; “finding an untold true story of this caliber is such a rarity.  Greg’s proposal will make for a very human and cinematic experience.  We have no doubt that Mark’s producing and Paul’s directing will make audiences around the world as excited about this film as we are”. Exciting stuff! There’s no mention if ad exactly when this will happen but with Greengrass’ constant busy schedule, I fear it won’t be for too long.



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