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Best Behavior have just released their new single titled “Say” from their upcoming album which is due this fall. The track is available via SoundCloud below.


“Say” is a good song, the melody is easy to remember and very commercially viable. This is the kind of song that won’t go out of your mind for days. This track has a rich variety of interesting instruments, drum and guitar break through with digital sounds in the background. The singer’s voice is very expressive and dynamic – perfect for this kind of indie song.


Speaking about the song, Best Behavior said: “I love pop music. For a long time I tried to write music that was cool but, to be honest, I’ve never really been in with the cool kids. “Say” is me giving in to my guilty pleasures and giving the strange kids something to dance to. Life is more fun when you do what you want and ignore the haters.”


Best Behavior’s debut album Good Luck Bad Karma came out on September 2015 reached a big success, the band is now on tour around the Unites States. Listen the song below




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