Best Picture + Trevor Crown – LA Noir | New Music


Los Angeles production duo Best Picture have teamed with singer Trevor Crown for a shadowy take on West Coast film noir, combining past and present, aptly titled “LA Noir”.


Trevor Crown, an underground singer and fellow Los Angeles native, steps out from the shadows on Best Picture’s latest production, an art-pop track that pays homage to the cynicism of film noir past and present. Shadows lurk over slinking, skittering beats, as an anguished piano recalls the melodrama of West Coast noir staples Sunset Boulevard, Double Indemnity, and The Big Sleep.


At its core, “LA Noir” is a bleak and brooding affair which happens to detail the idea of mystery – the innermost things that people choose to conceal. True to their name, Best Picture takes this point of inspiration and modernizes it for a 21st century audience.


One of the few lines which transcend and ring true to the core Crown begs his partner to “show [him] something real” as he stands as a betrayed lover losing grasp of reality and his moral footing.




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