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In damning proof that literally anything with any sort of built-in fanbase is being turned into a movie nowadays, Netflix is reportedly developing a film based on the popular web series, Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis. Not only that, but reportedly production is already underway with Zach Galifianakis reprising his role as a broader version of himself conducting odd interviews with celebrity guests.


The web series originally launched back in 2008 when Galifianakis was still best known as an indie comedian. But as his film career took off the next year with The Hangover, Between Two Ferns also gained popularity on Funny Or Die, and the guests quickly became bigger and bigger names, with even President Barack Obama making an appearance.


The most obvious question is “why?”, but perhaps that has already been answered by the fact that the show has remained popular despite its sporadic release schedule over the years. Netflix has money to burn, so why not throw it at a project that it knows has an audience that will subscribe to their service to watch it?


Of course, how a show that predominantly has episodes no longer than ten minutes can be stretched into a feature length film is something worth wondering. Those sorts of issues will have to be sorted out by Galifianakis and co-creator Scott Aukerman, who is also directing the project.


Despite this news just arriving, there have already been rumours that names such as Keanu Reeves, Peter Dinklage, David Letterman, and Galifianakis’ The Hangover co-stars Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms will be appearing. There’s a good chance there are indeed a bunch of cameos, but we’ll likely have to wait until the film actually premieres on Netflix to find out who is on board.


Despite the absurdity of a Between Two Ferns movie actually existing, the idea of Galifianakis having full creative control (as Netflix is wont to do) over a feature length film is tantalising. Whatever surreal, bizarre thing this actually turns out to be, it will probably be pretty funny and memorable, so maybe this wasn’t such a strange decision by Netflix?



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