Beyoncé – Partition (Urban Noize Remix) | New Music


South Florida production duo Urban Noize are back today with their own remix of Beyonce´s “Partition”. They transform the song into a Hip Hop song that starts in a street atmosphere, with samples from Sex and The City, talking about Beyonce´s dress. A piano’s soul calm rhythm pattern with claps and snaps in addition to some kissing sounds form the musical backdrop, with Beyonce’s vocals coming off more sensual and sexy than normal.


When the refrain starts, the chorus milieu mixes together with Beyoncé’s vocals, and the tonality seems to be double, the one in the backdrop, and the other one in the chorus, and after some minutes, the “love language” has a place in the song, helped by some more Sex And The City samples, introducing some “innuendo” in french to make the song even more sexy, and reclaiming women´s sexual feelings and rights. After this, Beyonce returns to conclude this hot song, enjoy “Partition” below. The production duo are reportedly working on a Beyoncé remix EP The Mrs. Carter Experience (The Bey-Mixes).




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