‘Big Little Lies’ Stars Open Up About Their Friendship And Working On Set Together | TV News

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‘Big Little Lies’ Stars Open Up About Their Friendship And Working On Set Together | TV News


Big Little Lies is become a real phenomenon – everybody watches and talks about it. This may be due to the large and talented cast the American TV series has. It features an all women cast with leading roles, representing the triumph of woman on TV. And in the lastest interview for Instyle, they talk about the friendship created between them on the cast, and also revealed some little secrets.


Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoë Kravitz are the life of the cast and for the forthcoming season 2, coming in June, they will be joined by Oscar-Winner Meryl Streep. Between these talented actress, has bred not only a great working collaboration but also a true friendship, and in a way they’re all connected.


The interview mainly focused on “ambition” and what means for all of them, and how they embodied it in the past. Their answers are wildly different and often surprising, revealing a desire for success, sure, for visibility and political change, of course, but for love more than anything else.


Nicole explained how she learned a lot from these women. “We all come in with our own set of skills. There’s great listening and great contributing and great compromise, but actually, in the end, it’s just a great allegiance. The show itself is its own force.”


Reese told Instyle how they have fun on set and revealed Nicole’s obsession with old-lady candies, giving out peppermints and butterscotches.  She also said “When I watch the episodes, I’m always texting them saying, ‘You blew me away.’ I’m in awe of their talent and our collective ability to express on such a deep level, have joy on such a high level, and celebrate each other.”


Zoë opened up about the support she has around her, and it includes the Big Little Lies cast .“They have my back, and I know if I was doing some weird, crazy shit, someone would set me straight. They help whenever I have a moment of panic and confusion, which happens quite often.”


Laura, the funniest of the BLL cast as everyone agreed, explained how once ambition wasn’t for women, but only for men. “It’s been enough, I think, for Reese, Nicole, and me to be ambitious in our field. I was told growing up that to be an actress of quality you shouldn’t make money because serious actresses didn’t make money. Actors made money.


Last but not least, Shailene said how Reese is an inspiration to her and her ‘mom-advice’ gave her ‘sister-vibes’ at the same time. “Sometimes I get a mothering comfort from Reese, and other times I get a cool-big-sister vibe. I admire how she’s able to use humor to create the change she wishes to see. That is her superpower. She’s also a ninja.”


Check out the full interview here, and don’t miss the Big Little Lies stars’ photo shoot below.








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