Big Names Swirl Around Rumoured ‘Deadpool 2’ Casting | Film News


Despite director, Tim Miller, deciding to give up directing duties to John Wick co-director, David Leitch, development for Deadpool 2 has been moving along nicely.


With most of the crew returning for the sequel, and having already added Atlanta‘s Zazie Beats for the role of Domino, things are falling into place. But there’s one big casting choice looming – for the character of Cable – and there’s some big names hovering around.


Collider reported that Brad Pitt is interested in the role and that there have been preliminary talks between both parties. Although the report suggests for now he’s moved on, these things tend to hang around for a while. While Deadpool shocked the world with its huge box office return, adding a star like Pitt would push the sequel to a whole new level.


It might depend on how World War Z 2 moves forward, though. With the studio still eyeing David Fincher to take the helm of the sequel, if that project gets the greenlight, Pitt will likely have his hands full starring and producing the zombie follow-up.


That could leave the role of Cable open for Michael Shannon, who’s also been rumoured to be up for the role.


Shannon is pretty much the poster boy for playing psychotic antagonists, and though he’s tried to move away from that persona in recent years, most fans love him for his deranged characters (see: Bug, My Son My Son What Have Ye Done?, Take Shelter, 99 Homes, Revolutionary Road, Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead… yeah there’s a lot).


Whether the role ends up going to Pitt, Shannon or someone else – Stranger ThingsDavid Harbour is potentially in the mix – Deadpool fans must be ecstatic at the interest being generated in the franchise that a few years ago looked like it had no shot of ever getting into production.



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