Billie Eilish + Vince Staples – &burn | New Music


Initially, it was meant to be one track called “Watch & Burn”, but what Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell wrote in the end was just too good.


The previously released pop ballad “Watch” from Billie’s debut EP don’t smile at me, now has a more intense version “&burn” which features rapper Vince Staples.


The same emotional lyrics, the same thrilling vocals and the same sound of match ignition to supplement the beat. Besides the dope verse by Vince, “&burn” is also darker, louder, less melodic and more booming.


Some could call Billie lucky, because Vince Staples was her ‘number one choice’ to be featured on this track and he agreed to do it. But the truth is – she is just one of the most incredible and amazingly talented 15-year-old.


Here’s the newest track “&burn” from Billie Eilish and Vince Staples:



And here’s the video for the ‘first part’ of this masterpiece, called “Watch”:




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