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It’s commonly known that US president-elect, Donald Trump, has a lot of detractors. We have seen it in marches, protests, and in every social media platform. Celebrities and media personalities have also shown their discomfort to it. Now we can not only see this anti-Trump phenomenon but also hear it. Billy Bragg has shown his posture in this matter and has given us something to listen to in this “changing times”.


Besides being a well known English singer and songwriter, Bragg has always been associated as a left-wing activist. His music has always been centered on political and social issues. Now he is making a new statement, not with any new music of his own ( unfortunately ), but with something a little bit more daring; a remake of Bob Dylan’s 1964 classic, “The Times They Are A-Changin'”.


“I wrote these lyrics within half an hour of seeing Donald Trump’s inaugural speech last Friday evening and played it in Salisbury that night. With apologies to Bob Dylan,” writes Bragg, openly manifesting his posture against Trump. In this adaptation, we can see how the Grammy-nominee songwriter used his skills to turn this widely known song into a protest anthem:


“Come Mexicans, Muslims, LGBT and Jews
Keep your eyes wide for what’s on the news
For President Trump is expressing his views,
and I fear that the mob he’s inciting
Will some break your windows and burn down your schools
For the times, they are a-changing back
Mather Luther King is spinning in his grave
To see a bigoted bully taking the stage”


It seems that everybody has a say to this changing times, do you?



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