Birmingham Artist IsaacO Drops New Single ‘Hopeless And Lonely’ | Music News


British singer IsaacO has just released a new single titled “Hopeless And Lonely”. The song was written with long-term collaborator and producer Theo “T.O” Davis and songwriter Josh Wheatley.


With this song, written during lockdown, the artist offers an inspiring perspective on the fear of loneliness, uncertainty and despair, that a lot of all us may feel during these tough times. The track explores these issues, from death or near-death experiences to the relationship instability and financial uncertainty.


A piano and his soulful deep captivating voice flowing effortlessly through the song, that’s all that it takes for IsaacO to transport us into his emotional universe.


IsaacO is a Birmingham-based singer-songwriter originally of Nigerian descent. In his music, he combines his early Nigerian upbringing and his later English experience, to create soothing music.


Through his music, a fusion of soul, rock and pop, he aims at capturing some of the emotions that encompass the human experience, and that’s what he manages to do beautifully with this latest release.


IsaacO’s debut single “Sea Of Sound” released in September 2018 has been streamed over 250,000 times on Spotify, and an EP, produced by Theo Davis, is to be expected soon, so stay tuned!


Go listen to “Hopeless And Lonely” right there:




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