Birmingham Singer Jacob John Askew Releases ‘Please Remind Me’ | Music News


Emerging British singer Jacob John Askew has just released his latest single titled “Please Remind Me”. With a particular R&B and soul style, the former street performer, who has been busking in several big European cities, is finally starting his music career.


Regarding this single, which is taken from his upcoming debut EP, the song is very rhythmic and has a great funky touch to it, which makes it the perfect song for a late Summer evening with friends. Very groovy and a pinch of sadness at the same time, this track just goes with the flow and we love that!


The artist’s voice is just so special and when particularly mixed with sad lyrics, it fits perfectly. The mesmerizing tone of his voice just brings the right balance to the track. In the single, the lyrics explain his reflection on a blurry perspective and the complexity of an alcohol-induced first meeting with someone.


When meeting somebody during a night out and having drinks, the night can seem long and endless. The song talks about making unfounded decisions that can ruin the night but also it can help you do things you would have never done before.


This fresh artist seems to be knowing what to do because we can feel that we will soon hear more of him and his different styles. We should expect the full EP by the end of the year and we will be here to listen to it!


Listen to “Please Remind Me” here:




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