Björk – Blissing Me | Music Video

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Björk – Blissing Me | Music Video


The Icelandic singer and songwriter Björk has just dropped off the music video for her single “Blissing Me” in an exclusive premiere through Amazon.


This track is the second one lifted from her upcoming album Utopia, which is set to be released on November 24 and follows the fantasy and charming music video release for “The Gate“, which was out almost one month ago.


Both these songs talk about love and it is not by chance, Björk has defined her ninth studio album as a “Tinder Love album“. The Icelandic artist, after her painful divorce from the father of the 15-years-old Isadore, Matthew Barney, is now ready for a rebirth.


Indeed to explain this new project the singer has compared her healing to Persephone, the god, taken from the Greek mythology, who is forced to live half year in the underworld and the other half year on earth, where she flourishes again.


This new album is about a love that’s even greater. [I]t’s about rediscovering love—but in a spiritual way, for lack of a better word“.


So if “The Gate” talks about love in a transcendental way, “Blissing Me” is more about a love reduced to a couple dimension. She talks about kisses and texting with someone as a blessing.


All of my mouth was kissing him / Now, into the air, I am missing him / Is this excess texting a blessing? / Two music nerds obsessing / He reminds me of the love in me“.


This is a beautiful and melancholy ballad for harp and voice. Björk ethereal vocals, the electronic incursions and the harmonies match perfectly with the delicate sound of the classic harp. Watch this incredible music video below:




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