Another Black-ish spinoff is in the works. Kenya Barris‘ hit show has already spawned Grown-ish and Mixed-ish, and now a third spinoff is in the works titled Old-ish, which will star Laurence Fishburne.


He will reprise his role as Earl “Pops” Johnson, and the series will focus on he and his wife Ruby, played by Jenifer Lewis, the parents of protagonist Dre in the lead show.


The show will follow Earl and Ruby as they attempt to rekindle their romance and move into a gentrified neighbourhood in Los Angeles. It’s only a pilot right now, but there’s a pretty strong chance it goes to series at ABC, where Black-ish and the other spinoffs reside.


Interestingly, Barris is on board to write and executive produce the show. He famously left ABC after creative disagreements over the show for a lucrative deal with Netflix, developing the comedy series #BlackAF, starring as a fictional version of himself.


However, Barris may have recently reached a reconciliation of sorts with Disney, ABC’s parent company, revealing on Instagram post that the Season 4 episode Please, Baby, Please – which ABC infamously pulled originally because it’s criticisms of Donald Trump were deemed too controversial – would finally be available to stream on Hulu.


It’s not confirmed that this move led to renewed talks about creative projects at ABC, but it’s possible. Either way, a spinoff starring Fishburne should be fun.


This announcement puts Black-ish in the esteemed class of sitcoms that have spawned at least three spinoffs, which includes Cheers, Happy Days and All In The Family.


It’s got a long way to go to catch the latter though, which spawned an absurd seven spinoffs – five directly, and two spinoffs from the spinoffs themselves.



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