Black Pines – Hope | Music Video


The new band Black Pines has released the music video for their debut single, “Hope”.


Appealing to fans of Hozier, Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon, this Essex based band combines gritty guitars, soaring Hammond organ and a vocal powerhouse to reach a contemporary sound that hints at an older, bluesy, rocky feel.


Cousins Tom Clark (lead vocals) and Jake Ringsell (guitar) began writing together in early 2019 before being joined by Connor Sheehan (keys) and Jamie Abela (drums) to form Black Pines.


They have just finished recording their first three singles at Studio Humbug with producing duo Boe Weaver (Lauren Hibberd/Rhys Lewis), and their debut single “Hope” is now available across all streaming platforms.


This textured and soulful debut features a chilling riff, and blends delicate, mournful chords together with the full-bodied richness of Clark’s voice.


The new music video for their debut single seems to break the fourth wall, allowing the viewer into the middle of a colourless and cold band photo-shoot. The four band members adopt distant and unengaged personas in the video, their obstinacy reflecting the person in the lyrics who is unwilling to listen or engage.


Largely monochrome and peppered with desolate, isolated shots, the visuals echo and enhance the music’s soulful chill. As the song builds, vivid flashes of red accompany the intensity and passion embodied by the music.


Watch Black Pines’ music video for “Hope” here.




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