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Although brummy heavy metal band Black Sabbath announced their last performance (Hyde Park) would be their last, they have announced this week that they intend to write one very very last album and plan one final tour. Front man Ozzy Osbourne said that the band had such a good time recording, performing and touring for the last album that they couldn’t see why they shouldn’t do it one last time. Osbourne said in a recent interview with Metal Hammer, “the whole Sabbath experience this time around was great. We all made friends, we didn’t fuck around, we all knew that we had a job to do, and we did it. It was a lot of fun. So we’re going to do one more album, and a final tour“.


There have been no plans made for the writing or touring as of yet, but band members have said that writing sessions will more than likely commence at the start of 2015. Sabbaths last album 13 (released 10th June 2014) hit the UK number one spot, soon after its release and set a new world record of 43 years for the longest gap between number one albums. Keep an out out on here for more Black Sabbath news, album gossip and possible tour dates.



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