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Bloc Party.


Bloc Party are back in the studio with a brand new single (and a slightly different line-up) entitled “The Love Within”. The song is colourful with a steady rhythm and evokes a sense of euphoria; lyrics like, “Let the love consume us” and, “The love within is moving upwards / So don’t you want to get high?” prove this. It doesn’t sound like a typical Bloc Party song, but Kele Okereke‘s vocals are as familiar as ever. However, despite the atypical sound, a few words are snapped from 2007 single “The Prayer” in the opening lines: “Lord, give me grace and dancing feet as I conquer all anxiety”.


The band’s fifth album is called Hymns which they hope to release in early 2016. Of the album, Okereke tells Australian radio station triple j: “So far there’s nothing that I can compare it to in terms of other musicians, whereas in the past I always could – we were always trying to reference something else. I feel that this is very much our own record”. 


Listen to the new track below.




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