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Daniel Allan, alongside with his collaborator Jake Neumare, is definitely making his own relevance in the electro pop scene, only waiting to reach the great public to break the stage.


His latest creation “Bluff” has demonstrated that there’s a talent growing behind his young figure. The metallic voice of Daniel starts singing on secure beats while the dreamy sound of the guitar and the background vocals expand themeselves in the refrain.


Moreover, the dance pop fusion mixes a groovy bassline with highly commercial vocals. The final result is the creation of an overwhelming dreamy pop atmosphere that with his power is able to transport you with ease and lead you to dance.


Daniel Allan is a songwriter and producer based in Boston where he balances his life between his university career and musical career, where he makes his electro-pop side bloom. He has decide to come out with his musical project only earlier this year, when he  showed his creative side with an impressive body of work. The singer will soon move to Los Angeles where his music will acquire a new shape and reach a wider public.


Jake Neumar is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Nashville, he made himself know through a series of solo projects, experimenting his musical potential. He is best known as one half of the Nashville based pop duo called BHAVIOR who are reaching fame within the growing nu-pop scene.


Furthermore, the collaboration between Daniel Allan and Jake Neumare works perfectly, both have created something that more people should hear since it is a great discovery.


Listen to “Bluff” below:




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