Blumhouse To Adapt Stephen King Novel ‘Later’ For TV With Lucy Liu Starring

Another Stephen King novel is getting the adaptation treatment. Blumhouse Television has picked up the right’s to the legendary writer’s 2021 novel Later, and plan to turn it into a series starring Lucy Liu. Raelle Tucker has created the series and has already penned the pilot script.

Later revolves around literary agency owner Tia, a single mother to her son Jamie. Tia’s financial security and professional world begins to crumble when her fan favorite writer client unexpectedly passes away. The author was on the cusp of turning in their latest piece, which would have saved Tia’s business. Luckily, Jamie has the ability to communicate with the dead.

Tucker leading the way on this supernatural series makes complete sense, as she previously earned an Emmy nomination for working on True Blood, and also used to write for Supernatural. Liu is no stranger to TV, having starred in Elementary for seven years. She’s currently filming Shazam! Fury Of The Gods.

This is just the latest King adaptation, who’s had his work adapted for the screen for many decades. It really picked up after the huge success of IT in 2017.

There are currently adaptations of Salem’s Lot, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Elevation and Throttle in the works, as well as new adaptations of The Dark Half, The Tommyknockers and Firestarter.

King himself is also currently at work with Blumhouse on another project – an adaptation based on his short story Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. The author said in a statement: “I’ve wanted to work with Jason Blum for years, and now we have TWO projects together. Go, me!” Blum added:

“I’ve wanted to work with Stephen King since before I was born, which sounds impossible until you remember that it’s Stephen King.”

There’s currently no release date for Later. The next King adaptation to arrive is expected to be the Salem’s Lot film, currently scheduled to hit cinemas in September.


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