BMW To Be Investigated By South Korea Over Alleged Delayed Recall | Politics


South Korea are set to investigate BMW over their alleged delayed response on recalling their vehicles. BMW had aimed to recall over 100,000 cars after incidents of engine fires had occurred, however South Koreans are angry and annoyed with the pace of their movement, resulting in class-action lawsuits against BMW.


In total, 28 BMW cars have caught on fire in South Korea this year, forcing the German maker to recall certain cars. This issue was made to ensure and check any faulty components. It has been reported that certain components were installed in cars to reduce emissions from diesel engines.


A thorough investigation will be made my government officials. Under South Korean law, if BMW are found to have delayed this recall, they could be forced to pay a fine of up to 70 billion won (US$62 million).


A warning has been issued to BMW owners to refrain from driving their vehicle and to respond instantly to a recall.



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