Bob Dylan Almost Made An Album With The Beatles And The Rolling Stones | Music News


A fantasy album it might have been, with the biggest popular songwriters from the yesteryears, ah but to no avail. According to renowned producer Glyn Johns, in 1969, Bob Dylan asked him to inquire with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones about a possible collaboration. As Johns explains in his new memoir titled Sound Man, “I had it all figured out, we would pool the best material from Mick and Keith, Paul and John, Bob and George, and then select the best rhythm section from the two bands to suit whichever songs we were cutting”.


Bob Dylan was fond of Glyn Johns’ production work, which included previous production collaborations with The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, on landmark albums such as The Rolling Stones classic Sticky Fingers and The Beatles classic Abbey Road. Due to timing and in large part, a lack of commitment from Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger, the opportunity never saw its day. A classic rock fans’s ideal trip to rock ‘n’ roll heaven some might say, but perhaps things are just better this way, perhaps? Dylan and Johns went on to work together on Dylan’s 1984 concert album Real Live.



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